Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Server

Your business is only as good as your distribution. When it comes to delivering your message as well as your products, you can achieve a great deal with it right Internet framework. Most businesses would do much better with a fully dedicated server than with any of the other options that are available.

– What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is an Internet distribution platform that is fully dedicated to your website. If you plan to sell products online, you should definitely look into investing into dedicated servers in Malaysia (see: www.thegigabit.com/server-hosting/dedicated-server.html).


– The Physical Security of a Dedicated Server in Malaysia

Having a dedicated server that is physically secure is perhaps the most important aspect of your Internet distribution strategy. As long as your server is in Malaysia, far away from any of your competition, you can rest assured that all of your data is safe as well. You can call upon it when you need it, and when you do not need it, it is not physically accessible to any other party in your industry.


– The Other Security Involved in a Dedicated Server

Aside from physical security, the dedicated server also provides you security in the digital realm. In order to fully understand the type of security that a dedicated server provides, you need to understand the other types of servers that are on the market.


The Shared Server

A shared server is the lowest cost server that is available for most purposes. However, it is usually completely ineffective when it comes to business and e-commerce. Shared servers house many businesses on one physical server. This means that the problems of one business become the problems of all businesses that are sharing the resource base. If the server catches a virus, it is likely that all businesses on that server will have that virus.


The VPS (virtual private server)

Virtual private servers are step up from shared server; however, they do not have the resource availability of a dedicated server. Although the virtual private server is partitioned in a way, many businesses still share the same physical server. This tends to drain resources from a growing business, causing crashes and other errors during times of high web traffic.


The Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers have resources that are fully dedicated to one business. This means that no matter how fast your business grows, your server will be able to handle the traffic load.

Dedicated servers are also much more easily customized. If you have in-house resources such as coders or programmers, you can adjust the settings of your server to better accommodate them. You can also create multitiered password protection programs to protect your information on the business side of your traffic flow. This is virtually impossible on shared servers and very difficult to do on virtual private servers.


The Bottom Line

You get much more for your money when it comes to investing in a dedicated server. You do not have to waste time changing or upgrading your server as your business grows. You also do not have to worry about the bottlenecks of other businesses. Make the investment up front so that you do not have to make more extensive changes down the line.