What To Do With Corrugated Moving Boxes After You’re Done With Them?

You often wonder what to do with all of the corrugated boxes that are left over after a move. The grocery stores and convenience stores break down their boxes and someone picks them up to recycle them. Some stores even make some of the money back for recycling these boxes. Others just do it to make space in the trash compactor. The number of boxes all over the world that go into the waste or dumps is enormous. People need to find other things to do with them so that they do not end up in the landfills.

Corrugated boxes are great to make targets with so that you can practice your shooting skills. These boxes sit up all by themselves. Draw the bull’s eye on the box and begin shooting. When you are done with the shooting board, break it down and toss it in the trash. On the other hand, you can use it to start fires. Dry boxes are great to use for starting a fire. The corrugation allows for just enough compact to burn and just enough air to get in so the fire blazes.

Some people use the corrugated boxes for making costumes. The boxes are perfect size and shape to use to make kids cars or Halloween costumes. By cutting out areas of the boxes and painting the box, you can make all sorts of kid’s toys. Smaller boxes can be taped and made into building blocks. Larger boxes make great camps or hideaways for the kid. The longer, larger boxes make great tunnels for the kids to crawl through. By taping several together, a parent can construct a playground of crawling tubes for their kids.

Corrugated box costume

Corrugated box costume

People that are unable to afford furniture sometimes use these boxes for shelves, dressers, and end tables. Painting the boxes make them fit with any furniture to become useful pieces in a room. Remember these boxes are free so when they begin to break down, just replace them with new boxes. Stacking three or four boxes of the same size will make extra storage shelves for books, CDs, and clothes. When storing clothes, make sure to store in a dry safe place. Left over boxes are good when switching out spring clothes for winter clothes. This will give more room in dresser drawers and in the closet.

Corrugated Box as temporary wardrobe

Corrugated Box as temporary wardrobe

Corrugated boxes can be useful again. After unpacking the boxes, think of the many ways you can use the box. Children like playing in these boxes and they make safe play areas for a child of any age. These boxes, if cut correctly, can be useful for school projects. Paint the boxes and make school projects such as posters or bases for volcanoes. Tape more than one together and make them sturdy enough to carry heavy things like volcanoes and other school projects. These boxes are perfect for many different kids projects.

Abandoned corrugated box can be used as kids' fun house

Abandoned corrugated box can be used as kids’ fun house

When thinking about these left over boxes, the person should think of ways to use the boxes and keep them out of the trash dumps. There are many uses for these boxes that make them worth saving.

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