Vacation Rentals in Rome: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Leave Home

If you’re planning a holiday trip to Rome, you’ll find many advantages to selecting a vacation flat or home rental over a hotel. A vacation rental offers you the privacy of your own space, room to move around, and a domesticity that few hotels can provide. You’ll be able to pick up groceries at any of the small markets around Rome and prepare some or all of your own meals: a real boon if you’re traveling with children or people with special needs.

You can relax in a familiar setting, without hotel staff and other guests to concern you. With vacation home rentals, the sense of being in a strange environment is diminished, and you feel more at ease.
It’s important to remember, however, that vacation homes – like all other homes – come with their fair share of worries. To avoid unnecessary stress during your stay in Rome, be sure that you have answers to these six questions before you leave on your holiday.

  1. Where can I find the emergency go-to person?
    When you’re staying in a hotel and there’s no hot water, you simply call the concierge. But what do you do if this happens in a vacation rental? What if the electricity goes out? What if you lose the key? Whether you’re renting from an individual home-owner or through an agency, be sure that you have this vital contact information in hand before you arrive in Rome.
  2. Where can I park my rental car?
    Driving in Rome can be a nightmare, but finding a place to park if your rented property is within the city limits is just about impossible. If your rental is in Rome itself, you’ll be well served by the metro and bus system. But if you’re outside the city limits, ask about car rentals and how necessary a car will be.
  3. Which appliances are included in the vacation home?
    We all have different expectations about what we’ll find in a “normal” domestic setting. In the UK, for example, a washing machine and dryer are regular features in the home; not necessarily so in Rome. Wi Fi and a land-line telephone aren’t necessary equipment either. So be sure that you know just what amenities are available in any vacation rentals in Rome before making your choice.
  4. Who’s responsible for cleaning up, when, and how?
    Work out beforehand what’s expected of you in terms of garbage disposal. Where and how is waste managed where you’ll be staying? What about recyclables and compostable refuse?
  5. Where’s the nearest doctor? Dentist? Police station?
    Nobody wants to have a medical or legal emergency on their hands during vacation time, but bad things can happen. At a hotel, the concierge knows just what to do. If you’ll be staying in a vacation rental, though, you’ll be responsible for finding it out, so ask the agent you’re dealing with before leaving home.

It takes just a bit of extra time and attention to insure that your stay in a vacation home rental in or near Rome is everything you want it to be. With answers to these five questions in hand, you’ll can devote yourself to enjoying the city and its amazing culture.