The Most Nourishing Ways to Cook your Vegetables


Fresh vegetables contain a lot of minerals and vitamins that are essential for your health. Vegetables should be cooked well for them to taste delicious and provide all the necessary minerals. Veggies that are adequately prepared gives you a savoury, delicious, spicy and flavourful taste that makes you look forward to your next meal. You need to be very careful on how you prepare your veggies to avoid compromising the nutrition value and the taste. Below are some of the tips to cooking fresh vegetables in the best manner.
• Aromatics and seasoning.
Flavour is always a necessity no matter what you are cooking. When you are cooking your fresh vegetables, always start with aromatics such as onions, garlic or shallots. Heat a bit of your sunflower oil for cooking in the cooking pan, then fry the aromatics until they turn lightly brown. To have a bit of heat, you can add a flake of pepper. Balancing the taste of your veggies is always a critical factor in cooking. If you are preparing bitter vegetables, you may want to add a little bit of sugar or agave nectar. You could also squeeze some bit of lemon juice to have an acidic taste.

• How about you try something new?
One kind of vegetable can be prepared using different methods giving it a range of tastes. You can order for fresh vegetables online that you have never cooked in your kitchen. You could also visit your local farmer and ask for something new in the vegetable category. It is always fun trying out something new in your kitchen. Make it your goal to try out, at least, one new vegetable every week. Contact you fresh vegetables online supplier and ask them to supply you with new vegetables and the best method for preparing them. You can also decide to mix different veggies and get a cocktail of their taste.


• Always remember to cook them properly.
Eating veggies every day might be a big no to some people. The cooking of these vegetables is what determines whether you will have fun eating them or not. Overcooking them could lead to degradation of the nutrients and minerals. Eating overcooked veggies can be the worst experience ever. Season your vegetables properly and remember to keep them bright and crisp-tender.

• Always try out a new, different cooking method.
Various methods are available that you should try out in cooking your vegetables. The methods include steaming, boiling, roasting with cooking oil, and grilling just to mention a few. Each of the cooking methods results in unique flavour and texture.


• Stuff them.
Stuffing vegetables could be fun. It offers you a whole new experience of eating something pretty impressive. A bunch of vegetables that can be stuffed is available, and they include zucchini, tomatoes, and squash just to mention a few. The veggies can be filled with rice, mushrooms, quinoa or any other ingredient of your preference. Seasoning them with herbs could make the whole experience a memorable one.

You can as well consume them raw. Some vegetables can be enjoyed by eating them uncooked. The natural taste together with the whole bunch of uncompromised nutrients gives a lifetime experience.