The Main Purposes of a Corrugated Box

Many people use corrugated boxes more often then they think. You may be asking yourself, “What is a corrugated box?”. It is simply a box most commonly used for shipping and storage, but why is it important?

The word corrugated means a material or structure that is shaped into alternate ridges and grooves. A corrugated box is used by companies for shipping their products. It is used as not just a holder, but a protection while in transit. One of the most important functions of this box is to provide crush resistance. These boxes are lined with corrugated board, a paper-based wavy material with one or two flat lineboards. When shipping these boxes, labels are very important. Manufacturers use corrugated plastic, also referred to as twinwall plastic, which is similar to corrugated boards. They are both basically structured the same way, a wavy filler in between two layers of polymer. These PP sheets provide insulation, which can be very important depending upon what the box itself is being used for.

The plastic itself is made of high impact polypropylene resin. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that also serves another important part, it is used for packaging and labeling. Polymer is a large molecule made up of repeating structural units. These units are connected by a covalent chemical bond. Corrugated plastic is also used for constructing plastic containers and reusable packaging.

If a company is looking for boxes for shipping it’s best to buy from a corrugated boxes manufacturer such as Columbia and Acme. These boxes are built for transport, they can even be made to last against high humidity using extra strength and moisture resistance. Depending upon what is being shipped there are different designs for the boxes. The most common style is the regular slotted container, however there are quite a few other styles to choose from. There is the full overlap style, the half slotted container, the full telescope box, or the partial telescope box. Each box is specially made to suit the needs of the product being shipped and the hazards of the environment the box is being shipped in.

So why are these boxes so important? These types of boxes are tested and certified for strength and how well it holds together. Strength is also an important factor with shipping because boxes get stacked on top of each other both in transit and in storage. If the box isn’t sturdy enough, the product inside can be damaged. Another crucial part of the box is what is used to hold it closed. Whether is be a glue or tape, it again all depends on the type of the box and what the box is holding.

When it comes to shipping goods or just storage boxes, corrugated materials are your best choice for the quality insurance of your objects and products. From the box itself, to the labels and packaging inside, corrugated materials are the safest and most commonly used material all around, either new or reused.

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