Small But Significant Signs of Aging You Never Noticed

aging skin

For many people in their thirties, forties and beyond, the mirror becomes the enemy, demonstrating the age of the skin with brutal intensity. You already know that bathroom lighting is no friend either, but at least you can get a realistic idea of the problems you’re dealing with. The good news is that today, more than ever before, you have options available to fix your aging skin and face a more youthful tomorrow.


The Factors that Lead to Aging Skin: How to Combat Them

As you get older, your heart rate becomes slower, your blood vessels get stiffer and your bones begin to shrink. Your digestive system will also likely become more sluggish, and all of this can lead to poor circulation, constipation and general weakness in the body. When your body is weak and operating without efficiency, your skin will also suffer.

Luckily, there are natural approaches to combat aging that can have a wonderful effect on your skin. Staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep, exercising and eating well can all increase circulation and slow the aging process. It’s never too late to turn things around. Even if you’re in your senior years, starting a healthy regimen can get you feeling and looking younger.


The First Signs of Aging Skin: What to Look Out For

Unfortunately, even if you already take great care of your body, you might be seeing some signs of aging skin. Lifestyle factors, stress levels and genetics all play a role, but aging skin happens to all of us sooner or later. The following are all ways that your age will begin to show itself. These changes happen so gradually that you may not even notice them at first.


1. Fragile, Drooping Skin on Your Body




With age, your skin will also become thinner, more transparent and more susceptible to bruising. It also begins to hang and droop as it loses its elasticity. This is caused by a loss of fluid and collagen in the area where the top layer of the skin meets with the dermis, or foundation. Certain body parts will demonstrate this change first. You may notice that the skin on your arms, elbows and neck are looser than they used to be. The good news is, with a little TLC, the right anti-aging cream and other quality skincare products, you can fight back against the loss of collagen and moisture in your skin.


2. An Increase in Spots and Freckles




An increase in the amount of freckles on your face could be a sign of sun damage, which can later lead to wrinkles. Some freckles are genetic, but if you notice an increase in dark spots along with the formation of fine lines, it’s time to look into the proper skin treatments.

3. Unsightly Hands




Hands reveal a person’s true age sooner than any other body part. Sun spots, wrinkles and rough skin can appear on your hands in your twenties and thirties, but if you take the time to properly hydrate them with the right hand cream, your hands can stay supple much longer.


4. Eyelids That Aren’t What They Used to Be


Weakening facial muscles, collagen loss and gravity all have an effect on your eyelids. Over time, they will begin to droop, hang and even develop unattractive bags. On top of using a great eye cream or serum, getting proper rest can help slow down these changes.




Your skin is at your mercy. The better you take care of it now, the better it will look for years to come. It’s always worth doing a little research to discover the serums, creams and treatments that will work best for you. Always read reviews and consider quality when purchasing skin-care products. The best serum will offer plenty of anti-aging ingredients, such as vitamins and antioxidants, which can destroy free radicals and add plumping power back into your skin cells. It’s better to pay a little more for something that offers more bang for your buck than it is to waste your money on a low-quality cream.