Shakura Malaysia – Want Bigger Lips? Here’s What Many Women Are Doing for Fuller Lips

Big lips are a new fashion statement that many women are trying to achieve. Many women are desperate for a solution to their small lips. You can do things like lip injections to fix that problem, but that is expensive and there are many risks when it comes to lip injections. Luckily there are some beauty tricks that can make your lips appear bigger without any of that expensive surgery.




One trick that has become very popular, is the overdrawing of the lips. Kylie Jenner has created a lot of buzz about her lips, which seem to appear a whole lot bigger than they were a year ago. Many have asked if she has had lip injections, but the rumors have been denied. According to her makeup artist, Kylie Jenner simply over draws her lips with lip liner.

Over drawing your lips can really make your lips look more plump and fuller, but you must make sure that you do them the right way. You want your lips to look natural and not like you over drew them. When over drawing your lips with lip liner, you should always focus more on the center of your lips. If you over draw them to much on the sides and the creases of your lips it will end up looking fake. You want to over draw the middle of your lips, like the center of your top lip ans the center of your bottom lip to give it that plump look that women love.

With this trick, most women prefer to use only lip liner and no lipstick. Some women use lipstick also, but with the Kylie Jenner look, she only uses lip liner and covers her whole lips with just that. This trick is simple, cute, and it is a whole lot cheaper than lip injections! Follow Beauty Shakura For More Great Tips!