5 Creative and Fun Ways to Surprise Your Lady on Valentine’s Day


5 Creative and Fun Ways to Surprise Your Lady on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year meant especially for celebrating the love between two people in addition to creating a romantic mood as well. Happy, fun couples want to make the day a memorable and special one, but sometimes don’t have a clue on how to do it. Here are 5 fun, creative, and thoughtful ways you can surprise your lady and make this Valentine’s Day not only meaningful, but one she won’t soon forget.

1. List all the reasons why you love her.

Purchase some paper hearts (or make your own), and write a heartfelt message on each one of them why your lady is so special to you and why you love her. This is the perfect time to get “sappy” and even emotional (women love this)...

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Get Rid of That Stubborn Fat!: 3 Factors You May Have Overlooked

At one point or another, everyone has wanted to lose a few pounds. Everything seems to be going great; you are exercising and you cut out junk food. The problem is the scale will not budge no matter how hard you try. Even though you are doing all the right things, there may a few things you overlooked.


1. Sleep.

Most people do not realize that to lose weight effectively, they need to get adequate sleep, and furthermore, the quality of sleep is also important. The human body needs time to replenish it’s energy supply that it has used throughout day, and this is accomplished by getting not only enough sleep, but also enough restorative sleep. If you are only clocking in 4 or 5 hours a night of sleep, it may be time to rethink your plan...

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Vinod Sekhar Revives Spirit of Malaysiana Muda

Almost 30 years ago, Datuk Vinod Sekhar formed the Malaysiana Muda movement with two other of university students. This was a non-partisan multi-racial organisation and a platform for local youths to express themselves on any topic they were passionate about.

The whole idea of having this platform was to generate ideas that can ultimately be turned into national policies for the benefit of all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion.

And the movement made waves by hosting the first ever morden day open political debate between Democratic Action Party Member of Parliamant, Kua Kia Soong, and National Front Member of Parliament, Datuk Shahir Samad.

But that was not all...

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Is Your Website a Constant Let Down? We Discuss Why Server Colocation is Probably What You Need

Co-locating your Server is the process of hosting your server at a remote facility, which could include both your Web server and local network servers. This is a course that many small businesses are opting to take, as it provides the benefit of personalized configuration and ownership of the server with the benefits of a proper environment that you might not have at your own location. There are many benefits that your organization can take advantage of through co-location:

1) Infrastructure

The obvious benefit is that server co-location, especially in a facility that has the resources to properly maintain it, can ensure proper uptime for your services...

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How to Rent Property in Singapore

Some people simply aren’t comfortable with the concept of buying a home in Singapore and would rather rent one instead based on a number of reasons. There are many options available when considering the various kinds of property to rent in Singapore. It’s good to know ahead of time what you’re looking for. Some available property types to rent may include the following:

Landed Property

Based on the size and location of the home, the average cost of rent for landed properties can range from $10,000 – $30,000 a month. Landed property can include different types, such as terrace homes, semi-detached homes, detached homes, or bungalows.

High-Rise Buildings


Remember to get permission from the Housing Development Board before buying a HBD flats.

1. HBD Flats in Singapore

Keep in min...

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The Cycling Accesories That Will Make Cycling Safe, Fun and Convenient


Cycling is an excellent way to burn calories and stay in shape whilst taking in the sights, smells and sounds of the outdoors.

Cycling can also be a viable and efficient mode of transport depending on the distance and circumstances involved. For example, it might not make sense to arrive at a black-tie affair on a mountain bike. Biking to work or to a friend’s house, however, may be ideal.

No matter what the reason for taking a bike ride, there are steps you can take to make the experience safer, more enjoyable and more convenient.

Play It Safe On The Streets

Safety is paramount when it comes to most sports, and cycling is no exception. This is especially true when sharing the road with automobiles.


A helmet is a must for every cyclist, but helmets only help in the event of an accide...

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4 Tips To Avoid the Most Common Damage To Wood Furniture

It doesn’t matter if your wood furniture is a priceless family heirloom or a brand spankin’ new set that was just delivered from the showroom, you’d still like these pieces last for decades to come. However, small scratches, minor dents, and harmless kicks all take their toll. Before you know it, your furniture may be heading for the rubbish bin. However, by following the tips below, you can prevent the major causes of damage to wood furniture.

Keep wood furniture pieces away from heat and the sun

Vents, radiators, stoves, and even the sun coming in through a window can generate more heat than you realize. After all, unlike your dining room chairs, you don’t spend 24 hours a day camped out next to these heat sources...

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5 Rules from the Cheapskate’s Guide to Internet Shopping

If you love saving money on bargains, the Internet is a shopping wonderland. Before you set up a easy shopping cart in your favourite Internet shopping site, however, it’s important to review the following 5 shopping rules.

We’ve all lusted after jewellery that costs two years’ salary or for the yachts of billionaires, but when it comes to actually shopping for our own use, some of us are more budget conscious. While luxuries abound, online shopping can also save shoppers money. It’s just a matter of where one looks.

It isn’t cheap if it isn’t real

If you only compare price tickets, you’re almost certain to arrive at shopper grief. To be certain an item is a real bargain, compare like to like. Make up your mind what brands, size and extras you’ll consider...

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ESD Tote Boxes:Low-tech and Innovative Packaging Solutions for High-tech Products

Electronic devices and equipment with electronic components are ubiquitous parts of the modern lifestyle. Wheremicroelectronic components are present, it is important to have a plan in place to control static electricity as electrostatic discharge or ESD can lead to costly damage.

Understanding and Managing ESD Potential

Static electricity results from an imbalance in positive and negative charges on an object. Humans and the presence of other objects can generate static electricity. All electronic components are sensitive to electrostatic discharges although the degree of sensitivity will vary from one device to the next, and the reaction can be mitigated with proper handling. Static electricity occurs naturally, so it cannot be totally eliminated...

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Store Brand vs. Name Brand Foods- A Quick Urban Bachelor’s Perspective

I am a bachelor, living out in the country, and work from home, so I really don’t get into town all that often. And being in the great white north, my trips are even more infrequent, as I’m not a huge fan of white-out driving conditions along icy, 2-lane roadways. As a result of all this, I try to combine all my tasks needed done in town to one bigger trip, saving me time (driving, scraping ice and clearing snow from the car, etc.) and money (gas) in the process.

Food shopping usually constitutes about 90% of my time in town, so when I do go, I generally have a gameplan in when mind when heading to the store.

As I am single, and don’t really do any ‘dinner parties’ here, my food needs are simple. Like most everyone, I like to save money on groceries whenever I can...

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