Shakura Malaysia – Want Bigger Lips? Here’s What Many Women Are Doing for Fuller Lips

Big lips are a new fashion statement that many women are trying to achieve. Many women are desperate for a solution to their small lips. You can do things like lip injections to fix that problem, but that is expensive and there are many risks when it comes to lip injections. Luckily there are some beauty tricks that can make your lips appear bigger without any of that expensive surgery.

One trick that has become very popular, is the overdrawing of the lips. Kylie Jenner has created a lot of buzz about her lips, which seem to appear a whole lot bigger than they were a year ago. Many have asked if she has had lip injections, but the rumors have been denied. According to her makeup artist, Kylie Jenner simply over draws her lips with lip liner.

Over drawing your lips can really make y...

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8 Makeup DOs and DON’Ts for Summer

Summer is usually a favorite time of the year for most people. The sun is out, the temperatures are up and it’s time to hit the beach with your friends! Summer is also a great time to get creative with your makeup look. You can bust out those fun, bright colors and go to town. Shimmers, sparkles and glitter are all in.

With that being said, you shouldn’t think it’s a complete free for all when it comes to makeup in the summertime. If you want to look your best, there are certainly some dos and don’ts that you should make sure you’re following.

Summer SkincareSummer Makeup DOs

Let’s start with things that you should be doing when it comes to makeup in the summer.

1. Do: Get a foundation with an SPF

This is rule number one...

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By London Weight Management – Diet and Exercise: The Winning Combination

As Spring gets underway and people everywhere begin to shake off the effects of the long winter, thoughts of warmer weather, the beach, and outdoor activities fill our thoughts. However, if you are carrying extra pounds, the very thought of summer can induce feelings of near-panic as you are reminded that hiding those extra pounds will not be as easy. If you find yourself in that position, don’t despair! Losing weight doesn’t have to be as painful and impossible a task as it sometimes can seem to be. With a few basic lifestyle adjustments built around diet and exercise, you can be on your way to a healthier, more active life, and a great summer. So here are some basic tips to help guide you along your weight loss journey, brought to us by the experts at London Weight Management:

breakfast daily


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5 Accessories Every Cyclist Needs for Safety and Comfort

If you are new to the world of cycling, it can feel a bit daunting to see just how many things people are recommending you buy. Not only does all this add up to lots of money, but it can also make your head spin trying to sort out just what gear is essential. Fortunately, beyond the bicycle itself, there aren’t lots of things that are must-haves. However, these five items come pretty close. Take a look at these five things that will make your cycling adventures a lot pleasanter.

1. Helmet

It is absolutely essential that you wear a helmet at all times when you are cycling. Even if you are just hopping on your bike to pedal to the shop for a packet of crisps, put that helmet on...

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Top 5 Web Hosting Companies in Malaysia

Whether you’re looking to give your Malaysian company an online presence, or looking to expand an already existing online presence, there are a wide variety of web hosting companies in Malaysia all offering different price ranges and services. This guide goes over some of the top web hosting companies in Malaysia to help you find the best for what you need.

tt prides themselves on being “Malaysia’s Leading Web Hosting Provider Since 2003”. They offer traditional web hosting services on both Linux and Windows systems starting as low as RM 70 yearly with 10gb disk space and 100gb of bandwidth. Their highest web hosting plan at RM 360 yearly includes 500gb disk space and 5tb of bandwidth. They also offer email service, dedicated servers, server co-location, a...

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London Weight Management – How to Choose an Effective and Safe Diet Plan

You need to follow the right diet if you want to lose weight and keep it off in the future. Thousands of diets are available today. Some are very good while others are actually dangerous. You should look for a few things in order to find a safe and effective diet plan.


The first thing to look for is flexibility. You do not want a diet where you will be eating the same set of foods or the same meals each day. A good diet plan is going to let you vary what you eat throughout the day. You might even have a diet that allows you to spread your calories, proteins or other foods across multiple days as you wish. Flexibility is key for a successful diet.


A balanced diet will protect your health and allow you to lose weight safely.


Find a diet plan that is balanced...

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4 Healthy Tropical Recipes and Drinks to Take You Back to Islands!

Healthy Tropical Recipes

Try tropical smoothie recipes with mango to get a burst of vitamin C in the morning and a trip to the Caribbean for the taste buds.

In a blender, combine one cup of Greek vanilla yogurt, one-half cup of pineapple juice and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Peel two mangos and chop them in to small cubes. Add the mango to the blender and top with two cups of ice. Blend on medium for 20 to 30 seconds. Add some of your favourite vanilla flavoured protein powder to give you an extra boost of protein and keep your blood sugar regulated throughout the morning.


Tropical Cocktail Recipes

Though it might be rainy or cold, you can still enjoy a tropical cocktail any time of year that will take you back to that favourite trip to Cabo, the Caribbean or the Polynesian Islands.

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3 Tips to Make Your Rental Search in Singapore Faster


When you are in the market to rent Singapore property, you may want to speed the process up so that you can relocate and settle into your new space in the fastest way possible. Some renters may take weeks to find the right space to live, but you may not want to waste all of that time in your hunt for a new place to live. The fact is that you can more quickly and easily find the right property in Singapore that is right for your needs and that is affordable for your budget when you follow a few helpful tips.

Define What You Want Before You Start Searching

There are numerous rental options available throughout Singapore, and they vary based on size, price, location, quality, amenities and more...

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6 Tips to Improve Your Cycling Fitness

Bike blog fitness tips

Whether you have been cycling for 20 years or just bought your first bicycle last week, everyone who enjoys cycling can improve their fitness levels. The journey to get fitter is a never-ending battle. There is no ceiling for fitness. Even the fittest cyclist on the planet could get in better shape. If you want to get fitter, it takes hard work and determination. It also requires more than just riding your bicycle. To help you get in better shape, here are six tips to improve your cycling fitness.


Get best shape of your body and life by HIIT.

1. High-Intensity Interval Training

There is no better fitness tool to get you in the best shape of your life than high-intensity interval training (HIIT)...

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5 Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Used Cars in Singapore


When you’re buying used cars in Singapore, you need to keep a few simple rules in mind to make sure you get the best deal. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a used car only to find out that it has some expensive repair due almost immediately. It pays to ask specific questions about the car you’re interested in, and the questions you ask can mean the difference between a good deal and a regrettable one. The top tips for locating a car and narrowing down your search will guide you through the process and help you get behind the wheel of a reliable automobile.

1. Search regularly for the best deals.

To get the best deal on a used car, you have search the classified ads regularly...

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