Law Studies in Malaysia: Should You Get a Certificate of Legal Practice?

Law is a complex, yet rewarding field of study, which prepares students for the demanding and exciting career of a licensed attorney.

In addition to earning potential, the legal field offers many intangible benefits that help both the practitioners of law and their clients. The ability to solve difficult problems is one of the priceless opportunities attorneys get the chance to undertake when representing their clients. However, even after an aspiring attorney completes law school, they may have to proceed with additional facets of legal training and certification at the post-graduate level. This is most definitely the case when a law school graduate seeks to practice law in a foreign country. One of these post-graduate certifications is called the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP).


The CLP (Malaysia)

The CLP is a 36-week, post-graduate class and exam taken by foreign law school students who graduate from top schools, such as the University of Malaysia and the Universiti Teknologi MARA. Law school graduates complete the CLP in order to help them become qualified attorneys in the Southeast Asian nation of Malaysia. The final CLP exam is administered by the Legal Profession Qualifying Board of Malaysia. The material in the CLP exam is governed by the Legal Profession Act of 1976. The CLP was first designated in 1984 as a short-term stop gap measure. The CLP was made to help Malaysians who were unable to sit for testing in order to take the English Bar Final Examinations.


BAC Asia College offers Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP)

BAC Asia College offers Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP)



Choosing the CLP Program That is Right For You

Over the last decade, Brickfields Asia College (BAC) has produced some of Southeast Asia’s best CLP graduates. The CLP’s testing process is very strenuous. However, over 6500 students have passed BAC’s differently innovative CLP program during the last 23 years. Since 2005, numerous BAC students have received the prestigious Tun Hamid Omar Foundation Award. In 2011, Tay Zi Li, a graduate of the CLP program at BAC received this honor for being the best overall CLP student in the entire nation. When searching for a CLP program, it is important to look at the academic track record and national accolades of all the schools within your search, which offer CLPs. For more information about the CLP, or to research a school that offers this CLP program.