How To Sell Your Bicycle Online

Every day, people sell things online. Whether they are getting rid of clutter out of their garage, or getting rid of everything in their closet, the Internet simply helps people to liquidate just about any assets from their life that they want at the push of a button. It has gotten so popular that many companies that used to offer free or low cost product classified services in print have literally gone out of business. Of course, with all that in mind, it might be time to get rid of that bicycle someone bought three years ago, stuffed into the garage, and never ride anymore.


Assessing The Item For Sale

Once a person comes to grips with the fact that it would be a good idea to get rid of their old bicycle to make room for other more important things in their garage, it is then time to give that old bike a good looking over. The tires could possibly use a little air and there is that minor scratch or two in the paint that might effect the value of the bike some. Otherwise, it looks in pretty good shape. At this point it is perhaps a good idea to visit an online search engine and look up the make and model of the bicycle, just to see what it is selling for retail. $115.00, that’s only a third of what it cost brand new three years ago. And being used, it will go for less.



PreOwned Cycles - Buy It / Swap It / Sell It (

PreOwned Cycles – Buy It / Swap It / Sell It (


Bicycle Buy and Sell -

Bicycle Buy and Sell –


Sell That Bicycle

Once a person has decided on a reasonable price to offer their bike for sale, it’s time to choose a website on which to list their bicycle. Like any other product, people are not going to know it is for sale until a person advertises. Typically there are two major types of websites that people use to sell off their used stuff, auction sites and free classified sites. Since your bicycle is a relatively big item, an auction site may not be the best way to go, unless they allow for a person to list items for auction with a local pick up option. Thus saving a person all the time and financial hassle of having to figure out how to ship the bicycle. Alternatively, since most auction sites charge a fee for listings, it might be more cost effective to simply use a free classified ads site instead. In this case, all a person has to do is write a short ad about their bicycle, add a picture or two, give some contact information where people can call, text, or email the seller, and finally upload all that to their online account to be posted for public viewing.


Preloved - The Joy of Second Hand (

Preloved – The Joy of Second Hand (


Goodbye Cycle - Sell your used, high-end bike here! (

Goodbye Cycle – Sell your used, high-end bike here! (



Dealing With Buyers

If the ad does not generate any leads, a person might want to try lowering the price of the item and re-posting it. For example, if a person’s road bike ad (like this) starts generating leads and people start calling, then from here it is just a matter of ironing out the details of the sale. How much is the buyer really going to have to pay, where will a person meet the buyer to make the transaction happen, and how soon can both parties meet to get the deal done. It is perhaps best to not meet people at home when selling items online. Many people do it the safe way and meet in a retail store parking lot or other high traffic public place, where there are a lot of other people and cameras. This way if anything bad happens, there is usually a person or a camera that will be witness to it all. If meeting other people does not set well with you, then it is always possible to auction your bike off and ship it to the paying customer instead. The Internet provides people with both options, which makes the whole selling process quite convenient for everyone.


Sell Your Bike Online -

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