How To Get Your Desired Domain Name (Even When It’s Taken!)

Strategic & Straightforward

There is no better time than now to get a domain name and start building that website you’ve always dreamed about. The first element in creating a successful website is having a domain name that pops out at visitors. If your URL is too long you run into the factor of people not being able to remember how to get to your content. Also, if your domain name is too short you’ll face the issue of users forgetting the name after they leave your website.

Generally, you want to take the main focal point of your website and generate your domain name based on that. For example, if your website was a blog pertaining to taking care of pet health, domain names like ‘PetMed’ or ‘HealthyPet’ are all viable options. The key here is to have a name that’s short and sweet but is also a precursor to what you’ll be discussing on your pages.


The Domain Name Is Already Owned

The most common issue people run into when they’re trying to develop a new website is the name is already taken. Have you found yourself developing domain names only to find out that someone already owns it? The best solution to this problem is to use a search engine and do a domain name whois lookup. This will tell you the IP address of the domain, the server type they use, the date the domain was registered, and an email address to contact the owner.

How is the look up tool valuable to you? If you find that your domain name is already registered you can use this tool – to get in contact with the owner. Often these domain names have been bought and aren’t actively being used by their owners. A quick message to the email address listed on the website can often free the domain name up. Or, if they’re holding the domain name for strategic (monetary) purposes, you can negotiate a price in which the domain name can be sold.

These searches can also reveal things about competing websites within your market. They can show what the competition is aiming to achieve within their website and how they’re engaging their audience. Likewise, this ‘look up’ tool can be a great way to branch out and contact other website owners in the same field if you find yourself getting stuck.