How to Cut Corrugated Plastic Board

Corrugated plastics, plastic boards or plastic cardboards are three different names that are all referring to the same type of material. There are different types of corrugated plastic; corrugated plastic is additionally known by other names such as, for example, IntePro, Twinplast, Corriflute, Correx, Corflute or Polyflute. Of note, this type of material is often used in building signs, in screen printing, in constructing various kinds of containers, in packaging for electronic parts and automotive parts. It is sometimes used in agriculture, in building model airplanes, in roofing, in construction of animal cages or in construction of temporary shelters after earthquakes, floods or other natural disasters. If you are planning to build or construct something and if you need to cut corrugated plastic, here is how to do it.


Contact the Manufacturers

First you have to get corrugated plastic from manufacturers. There are companies that specialize in producing this. For instance, Woodruff Corporation, Mills Industries, Coroplast and Universal Container are a few examples of companies that manufacture corrugated plastic.


Protect Yourself

Put on safety goggles in order to protect your eyes. In addition, put on a dust mask. Also, put on a pair of sturdy gloves to protect your hands.


Put the Corrugated Plastic on a Hard Surface

Put the corrugated plastic on a hard and flat surface. If you have concerns about scratches getting onto the surface, then put a piece of plywood or a piece of wood board under the plastic.



Cutting Corrugated Plastic



Measure and Mark

Carefully measure the corrugated plastic with a tape measure, and note where you need to cut. Use a long ruler and an ink marker. Draw straight lines that you can see so that you will know where to do the cutting.


Cut the Material

If the corrugated plastic that you have is not very thick, then most likely a utility knife for cutting will suffice; however, if the corrugated plastic that you have is thick, then most likely you will need a band saw to do the cutting.

If using a band saw, put the corrugated plastic on the band saw surface, line up the lines that you have drawn in with the ink marker, and feed the corrugated plastic through so that the band saw will make the cuts where you want them. Or, if you are instead using a utility knife, press downward on the utility knife blade; press the utility knife blade into the ink marker line and cut with a slow but steady motion.


Sand the Edges

Use sandpaper to sand away the splinters or rough edges. Be careful; do not hurt your fingers. Use a steady motion to sand the edges of the corrugated plastic.


Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that corrugated plastic is available for purchase in a variety of thicknesses. Make sure to get the correct thickness for whatever it is that you want to do with the material. It is durable and tough material; however, you should be able to cut it using the aforementioned steps.