How to Choose Weather-Resistant Furniture for the Outdoors

When choosing outdoor furniture, there is so much more to consider than just the look. As a shopper, you need to consider if it is durable and weather resistant, sustainable for the environment, if it comes in the styles you need, and if it is beautiful. With a little investigation, you will find that teak furniture fits all these requirements.

When you have outdoor furniture, you want something that will be durable and weather resistant. Teak is extremely durable. This wood contains resin, which makes it water resistant. It was first used in making ships, because it weathers the elements so well. Whether it is rain or snow, teak furniture will last without splitting and cracking. Some teak furniture has been known to last for decades. Even if it does end up with a ding or two, a little bit of sanding will have it looking new again.


teak outdoor



It is this durability that has led people to consider teak a sustainable material for furniture. It lasts so long and needs to be replaced so rarely, that there is no need to be cutting down more wood to replace it. Our forests will remain intact when you choose teak.

Perhaps you were considering a different material for your outdoor furniture, because you think that teak will limit the styles you have to choose from. This is not so. When you start investigating teak here on our website, you will be pleased to find a selection of Ethnicraft ® teak furniture in a variety of styles. You will find plenty to choose from, and it will be easy to purchase furniture to suit your taste.


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Lastly, when you are shopping for weather resistant furniture, you are going to want something that looks nice. Teak is a beautiful wood. You can choose an unstained piece that will weather naturally into an eye-pleasing silvery gray. There are also treated woods in various shades that will keep that new furniture look longer. The stain will need to be touched up every now and again to maintain that fresh off the showroom floor look, but it will be worth it.


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When shopping for weather resistant furniture, don’t skip over teak because you think wood will wear quickly. Teak is durable and sustainable. You will be certain to find a pleasing style on our website. Take the time to learn about this beautiful option. When perusing our selection of high quality teak furniture, remember that you are not only looking for things for your home, you are looking at an investment that will last. 

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