Fertility Treatment Using Chinese Medicine

When I was trying to get pregnant, I was concerned about using chemical-based Western medicine and the possible effects it could have on my potential baby. Luckily a friend of mine told me about fertility treatment using Chinese medicine, which I eagerly researched. While Chinese medicine encompasses a huge range of different modalities, here are the treatments that I believe helped me to get pregnant with my twins after a year and a half of trying.


Balancing Hormones

My practitioner and I spoke about several facets of my life that could be compromising my natural hormonal balance. Instead of taking artificial hormones, we developed a plan to help encourage my body to operate normally. Our approach encompassed several different treatments.

pregnantAcupuncture treatments helped to improve blood flow into my reproductive tract. By inserting extremely thin needles into the surface of my skin along certain meridians, my body was encouraged to build up a thick uterine lining perfect for implantation. Although my thyroid has always tested within the normal range on blood tests, acupuncture can also help with both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

Tracking my cycle, which is also endorsed by Western medicine, was important for me as well. Not only did I track the dates I had my period, I also noted my basal body temperature every morning to track ovulation and any changes to cervical mucus that I noticed. These outward signs of hormone activity helped me to pinpoint ovulation rather than trying to guess.

Chinese herbs also played a part in my quest to conceive. Liquorice root helps with forming a proper uterine lining, as well as increasing estrogen levels naturally. Dong quai helped to regulate my cycle, relieve my PMS and also helped regulate my hormone levels. As I was only 33 and had no apparent issues preventing pregnancy, these two herbs were all we thought would be necessary. Women who are older or who have diagnosed fertility problems may need different herbs.


Reducing Stress

Before turning to Chinese medicine, I was already aware that stress can make people sick. However, I never had any stomach distress or headaches, my hair grew in thick and full and I slept like a baby every night. I didn’t realize that stress can manifest itself in other ways and that my inability to get pregnant may have been stress related. I added in some stress-busting routines to my daily life in order to seek balance.

My doctor and I found a practitioner of acupressure massage. The massages were quite relaxing and focused on reducing stress and increasing blood flow into the pelvis. Using firm pressure, the massage therapist massaged my lower abdomen in order to encourage oxygenated blood into the area while moving out old blood.

Although not unique to Chinese medicine, I also used positive meditation techniques to get rid of stress. I would sit comfortably, close my eyes and imagine myself as an open receptacle, ready to be fertilized and give birth to new life. While this may sound corny, it was very soothing and allowed me to relax and not obsess about my previous conception failures.

While there are a lot of different aspects to Eastern methods of encouraging conception, this fertility treatment using Chinese medicine worked for me. By incorporating my mind and body, I was able to get pregnant with my twins and have the family that I wanted so desperately. I am thankful each day that I didn’t have to resort to potentially-dangerous Western fertility medications and invasive procedures.