Using and Applying Fake Eyelashes Made Easy!

best buy cosmeticsFake eyelashes are great eye catchers. Gone were the days when these eyelashes were only used by celebrities and performers. Now, you can wear them even without a theatrical performance or a special occasion to attend. You can look from your normal self to an instant stunner with the help of these lashes. Applying them is trouble-free and the transformation it provides is simply amazing.

So if this is something new to you, then you must know of different considerations when using false eyelashes:

  1. Decide how you want to use it. You can either go for full lashes to create a dramatic eye look or for few singles and little clumps to create a simple yet sophisticated aura. Whichever way you want to make use of these eyelashes, just make it a point that it goes along well with the event you’re going to attend. Full eyelashes are best for formal occasions, while few single lashes best suit dinner dates and simple gatherings.
  2. Select a color. Colors also play a big role in choosing fake eyelashes that will suit you and the occasion well. Evening occasions complement well with black eyelashes. It adds a dramatic feature to ones eyes without the need for applying mascara. On the other hand, a false eyelash for daytime use is made perfect with the use of light brown eyelashes. This will make ones eyes effortless and natural-looking.
  3. Length matters. First time users should know that eyelashes length should match the length of your natural lashes. After attaching the lashes to your eyelids, check the length and trim the excess lines depending on your preference.
  4. Take note of correct eyelashes application. Since you’re going to apply it very close to the eyes, it is important that you do it with utmost care. Begin by cleaning your eyes without any traces of makeup. Next, hold the fake eyelashes and apply a thin line of glue into it and let it sit for a minute. Finally, fix it above your normal eyelashes and let it follow your lashes’ natural curve.
  5. Apply an eye makeup. To make your newly fixed lashes look even more appealing and natural, put on a nice eye makeup. However, remember to choose a shade that will not overshadow your false eyelashes – a shade that will match your lashes and enhance it even more. Also, you can either choose to apply mascara or not. However, to maintain a simple and natural look, it is best not to.

False eyelashes can add up a glamorous and different look. It is one of the best beauty enhancers that you can add to your beauty loot. However, along with the beauty it provides are also precautions that you need to take. Remember not to apply the glue directly into your eyelids if you don’t want to infect your eyes. Also, make it a point to remove them before bedtime. Finally, never pull your lashes. Use an eye makeup remover until it softens the lash glue.

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