Everyday Makeup How-To (With Product Recommendation)

women makeupMakeup is a great tool that can be used to enhance your natural beauty, hide flaws and make you feel better about yourself. You can change up your look and the products you use depending on where you are going on a certain day, and there are many different looks that you can achieve. For everyday makeup use, it is important to stick with a natural look that will enhance what you have, but it will not look like you are wearing a ton of makeup. More dramatic looks work for the evening hours when you are going out on the town. There are some basics of everyday makeup wear and how you should wear your cosmetics daily:



The basis of your face is going to be a good foundation. This foundation will cover up and blemishes that you have and will even out your skin tone. You want to carefully choose your foundation in order to match the color properly. You don’t want your face to be a different color from the rest of your body. It is convenient to buy makeup online in Singapore, but be sure you are confident with the color you are choosing.


How to choose the right foundation for you


Once you have put on your foundation, give it a few minutes to set. At this point you can apply a powder that matches the foundation you used. This will create a more natural texture to your skin.



If you would like to bring some color to your cheeks, you can use Banila Co blushes, which come in a variety of shades, depending on your skin tone. If you have lighter skin, choose a more pale pink shade of blush. For darker skin tones, you will need a brighter pink to stand out.


banila co blush

Banila Co blushes



You can choose to create a dramatic eye for special occasions but for everyday use, keep your eyes basic. Eyeshadow by 3CE Singapore comes is many different shades that compliment any skin tone and eye color. For everyday wear you can choose a natural, more nude shade, or go for something more dramatic that matches what you are wearing.


make up with 3CE eyeshadow

Make up and cosmetics are designed to make you look more beautiful. But always be sure to take care of your skin and give your pores time to breathe. Wash off your make up properly at the end of the day and moisturize so your skin can heal while you sleep. If possible, skip wearing your cosmetics a couple of days a week so you do not experience blocked pores or unhealthy skin.