Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers

Cloud hosting is a concept that not a lot of companies are really familiar with. It is basically a way of hosting or backing up all of your files, so that at any time they can be recovered without issues. The difference between a normal file back-up and using cloud hosting, however, is that cloud hosting is where you put your files ORIGINALLY, and it backs them up from that point by itself.

A lot of different web hosting providers use this type of hosting on their own, which is why a lot of the time you won’t even notice that you have it. But if you run your own hosting, you will want to make sure that you look in to it ahead of time. This type of hosting is extremely cheap for the most part, as there is a lot of free software that you can use to do so. Another great thing about it is that it also has a tendency to recognize and sync your other devices or information together. This means that you can have every morsel of information that you need on a daily basis at any time, and it is all interchangeable.

Exabytes Asia cloud is one of the most popular choices for those who are looking for a cloud host provider. This is because their servers are incredibly cheap, mainly because of the fact that they are a third-world country. Third-world countries have a rather high exchange-rate for the U.S. dollar, which means you can get something that is expensive in the United States for cheap in another country. This is why a majority of companies that are based in the States are outsourcing their hosting needs to those who are not. It’s cheaper, more efficient, and you have an easier time speaking with the person, (or people), that provide your services.

To put things simply, allowing your web hosting to take advantage of the new, innovative cloud system is a great way to take a step forward on keeping your information synced and protected. After all, the last thing a company needs is for their information to go haywire, especially when they refer back to it on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly!

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Introduction to Cloud Computing, the economic similarities to utility power, the efficient use of computing hardware, scalability and the ability to focus on what matters within a business using Cloud Computing.