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What are the Functions of Burst RAMs in Virtual Private Servers?

Virtual private servers are becoming increasingly popular for hosting websites, email and other internet services. One of the benefits of VPS is that it offers some of the benefits of dedicated servers without the high cost. One of the features of virtual private servers is burst RAM used as backup resource in the event of virtual server load.

Virtual Private Servers

Web hosts create virtual private servers by segregating physical servers into various virtual machines with each machine acting as a separate computer. This set up allows hosting servers to install their choices of operating systems and offers greater freedom to configure their VPS as they wish.

Web hosts on VPS can also install their own choices of software...

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Top 5 Web Hosting Companies in Malaysia

Whether you’re looking to give your Malaysian company an online presence, or looking to expand an already existing online presence, there are a wide variety of web hosting companies in Malaysia all offering different price ranges and services. This guide goes over some of the top web hosting companies in Malaysia to help you find the best for what you need.

tt prides themselves on being “Malaysia’s Leading Web Hosting Provider Since 2003”. They offer traditional web hosting services on both Linux and Windows systems starting as low as RM 70 yearly with 10gb disk space and 100gb of bandwidth. Their highest web hosting plan at RM 360 yearly includes 500gb disk space and 5tb of bandwidth. They also offer email service, dedicated servers, server co-location, a...

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Is Your Website a Constant Let Down? We Discuss Why Server Colocation is Probably What You Need

Co-locating your Server is the process of hosting your server at a remote facility, which could include both your Web server and local network servers. This is a course that many small businesses are opting to take, as it provides the benefit of personalized configuration and ownership of the server with the benefits of a proper environment that you might not have at your own location. There are many benefits that your organization can take advantage of through co-location:

1) Infrastructure

The obvious benefit is that server co-location, especially in a facility that has the resources to properly maintain it, can ensure proper uptime for your services...

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Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Server

Your business is only as good as your distribution. When it comes to delivering your message as well as your products, you can achieve a great deal with it right Internet framework. Most businesses would do much better with a fully dedicated server than with any of the other options that are available.

– What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is an Internet distribution platform that is fully dedicated to your website. If you plan to sell products online, you should definitely look into investing into dedicated servers in Malaysia (see:

– The Physical Security of a Dedicated Server in Malaysia

Having a dedicated server that is physically secure is perhaps the most important aspect of your Internet distribution strategy...

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How to Get Rid of Pet Dander in the Home With the Right Tools

Those who have pets adore and enjoy them at all times, even when they come to find that having cats and dogs adds a bit more dander and dust to a home. This is a natural aspect of owning a pet but there are plenty of ways to remove and thus cut down on those issues brought about by those beloved furry friends. Some of the top tips in keeping homes clean where there are pets require the right tools and supplies.

It is crucial to make vacuuming a routine habit and one of the best ways to make this a daily event but not a labor intensive chore is to use products such as the Neato VX-21. This is because this revolutionary robotic vacuum can handle a whole house or perhaps just one room at a time...

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Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection is a technique used to control the rate of corrosion of a metal surface, usually a piece of equipment used in the home or a larger piece of industrial equipment. The system works by turning the surface of the metal itself into the cathode of an electrochemical cell. In simple terms, this means connecting the piece of metal which is to be preserved to a lesser, unprotected, piece of metal which is to be “sacrificed” to corrosion.

Where Is Cathodic Protection Most Commonly Used?

As noted above, systems of cathodic protection are used in all manner of industrial and home use applications. For example, the steel pipes in most home plumbing systems, as well as hot water heaters, are commonly treated with cathodic protection in order to safeguard them from rusting out...

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Pros and Cons of a Virtual Private Server

Virtual private servers are one of the most common service solutions on the web. When most people think about web hosting, they’re actually receiving a virtual private server. Most hosting is thought of as renting out a server. However, this is actually a very specialized thing. Most web hosting is offered on a virtual private server. A virtual private server is a solution that leverages software on a single server to pretend to be multiple machines at a time. This is similar to how a computer can dual-boot, or run multiple clients of the same software at a time.

You can easily compare virtual private servers here to actual private servers. The pros and cons are fairly plain to see if you look.

The first upshot to a virtual private server is cost...

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Cathodic Protection System For Cars

Cathodic protection is a method used to control the corrosion of metals such as iron, steel, and aluminum that have been exposed to elements in the environment such as natural water, seawater, and soil. In order to bring the structure to a more immune state, cathodic protection reduces the rate of corrosion. A common problem in cars is rust, since the undercarriage of the car and other parts are constantly exposed to many outdoor elements such as rain, dirt, and snow. Salt used by plows in the winter to line roads is a big corroder of car undercarriages. Cathodic protection would seem a good method to use in order to protect cars against rust.

The idea of a cathodic protection system for cars is a controversial one...

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Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Servers

Cloud hosting is a concept that not a lot of companies are really familiar with. It is basically a way of hosting or backing up all of your files, so that at any time they can be recovered without issues. The difference between a normal file back-up and using cloud hosting, however, is that cloud hosting is where you put your files ORIGINALLY, and it backs them up from that point by itself.

A lot of different web hosting providers use this type of hosting on their own, which is why a lot of the time you won’t even notice that you have it. But if you run your own hosting, you will want to make sure that you look in to it ahead of time. This type of hosting is extremely cheap for the most part, as there is a lot of free software that you can use to do so...

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