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How to Travel Cheap in Malaysia: Tranportation Advice

Malaysia covers nearly 126,900 square miles (328,657 km2) on two landmasses. The larger part of Malaysia is an Asian peninsula; the smaller part, East Malaysia, is located on the island of Borneo. Planning for local transportation saves the sightseeing traveler time, money and frustration. To travel between the two sections of Malaysia, which is a 500 mile (800 km) trip one-way, tourists have only one option and that is to fly by commercial airline. Thankfully, budget airlines schedule plenty of departures daily.

Cheap Modes Of Transport On The Malaysian Peninsula

Multiple modes of transportation exist for traveling within and between Malaysian towns such as fixed-route minibuses, taxis, pedi-cabs, public buses and ferry services. Experienced travelers recommend a Plusliner Economy Bus...

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How to Get from Malaysia to Thailand by Bus

When planning a trip around South East Asia, many travelers find the cultural variety of the region’s countries irresistible. Crossing a border will often mean a drastic change in food, language and dress. Observing how cultures map out the physical landscape really can help travelers understand the region better. Among the many northbound transportation options available from different points in Malaysia, many choose to the speed and convenience of traveling by bus from Malaysia to Thailand.

The Options

Trains, planes, boats and buses all make their way up to Thailand. Which type a traveler chooses will depend largely on the point of departure. For example, a flight would make the most sense for people wanting to get quickly from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, whereas visitors will find ...

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Traveling to Malaysia? Here’s Where to Start Your Journey

Malaysia is one of the most beautiful places in the world to choose as your travel destination for both long and short term vacations. Those who enjoy the beauty of nature will find a great place to explore without losing the conveniences of modern living. There are many affordable places to stay including hotels, beach side resorts, and sublet apartments or homes. For a comprehensive list, search for sublets here.

When figuring out where to stay in Malaysia, there are many things to consider. Will you enjoy the city or are you traveling to experience nature? Malaysia has both to offer as well as religious and historical sites that are beautiful. There will be no regrets after you decide to visit this country, especially if you take the time to really plan your trip step by step.

Kuala L...

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An Exciting Costa Rica Adventure Vacation

If you are an adventure seeker or perhaps want to plan your unique honeymoon or a superb family getaway, know that Costa Rica offers numerous destinations and activities that will make it an especially fun vacation. Guided tours are recommended so that you can get the most value and learn interesting facts about the locations or sports.

Whitewater rafting

This is an especially popular way to enjoy Costa Rica. You raft through the jungle and rainforest on famous rivers such as the Savegre and stop along the way for swimming spots, cascading waterfalls, and perhaps for lunch at the small village of Silencio.

The Savegre River, one of the most pristine rivers in the country, begins in the Talamanca Mountain Range and flows south to an estuary in the Manuel Antonio National Park...

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