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ESD Tote Boxes:Low-tech and Innovative Packaging Solutions for High-tech Products

Electronic devices and equipment with electronic components are ubiquitous parts of the modern lifestyle. Wheremicroelectronic components are present, it is important to have a plan in place to control static electricity as electrostatic discharge or ESD can lead to costly damage.

Understanding and Managing ESD Potential

Static electricity results from an imbalance in positive and negative charges on an object. Humans and the presence of other objects can generate static electricity. All electronic components are sensitive to electrostatic discharges although the degree of sensitivity will vary from one device to the next, and the reaction can be mitigated with proper handling. Static electricity occurs naturally, so it cannot be totally eliminated...

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4 More Practical Uses for Corflute Sheets

When using corflute, a person has plenty of options. Since this is an inexpensive and useful material, people often buy these sheets to complete a number of tasks. While true, it’s not always obvious what one can use corflute for. With this in mind, here are four uses of corflute sheets.

Vegetable garden

A homeowner who has a garden can create little boxes in the back yard where he or she can grow fruits and vegetables. This is an excellent alternative to wood as it won’t fall victim to termites or rodents. To use corflute in this manner, a gardener needs to choose a neutral color if he or she doesn’t want to take away from the beauty of the garden. Either way, when looking to nurture vegetables and fruits, one should use corflute.

Corflute Sheet For Farming

Corflute Sheet For Farming

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How to Cut Corrugated Plastic Board

Corrugated plastics, plastic boards or plastic cardboards are three different names that are all referring to the same type of material. There are different types of corrugated plastic; corrugated plastic is additionally known by other names such as, for example, IntePro, Twinplast, Corriflute, Correx, Corflute or Polyflute. Of note, this type of material is often used in building signs, in screen printing, in constructing various kinds of containers, in packaging for electronic parts and automotive parts. It is sometimes used in agriculture, in building model airplanes, in roofing, in construction of animal cages or in construction of temporary shelters after earthquakes, floods or other natural disasters...

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What To Do With Corrugated Moving Boxes After You’re Done With Them?

You often wonder what to do with all of the corrugated boxes that are left over after a move. The grocery stores and convenience stores break down their boxes and someone picks them up to recycle them. Some stores even make some of the money back for recycling these boxes. Others just do it to make space in the trash compactor. The number of boxes all over the world that go into the waste or dumps is enormous. People need to find other things to do with them so that they do not end up in the landfills.

Corrugated boxes are great to make targets with so that you can practice your shooting skills. These boxes sit up all by themselves. Draw the bull’s eye on the box and begin shooting. When you are done with the shooting board, break it down and toss it in the trash...

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The Main Purposes of a Corrugated Box

Many people use corrugated boxes more often then they think. You may be asking yourself, “What is a corrugated box?”. It is simply a box most commonly used for shipping and storage, but why is it important?

The word corrugated means a material or structure that is shaped into alternate ridges and grooves. A corrugated box is used by companies for shipping their products. It is used as not just a holder, but a protection while in transit. One of the most important functions of this box is to provide crush resistance. These boxes are lined with corrugated board, a paper-based wavy material with one or two flat lineboards. When shipping these boxes, labels are very important. Manufacturers use corrugated plastic, also referred to as twinwall plastic, which is similar to corrugated boards...

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The Benefits of Using Corrugated Boxes

Almost everyone uses a corrugated box for some type of shipping or storing solution. They are arguably the most versatile and dynamic types of containers made, and are ideally suited for a wide range of solutions. These boxes come in a number of types, strengths and sizes, from industry standard sizes and styles to customizable by cutting and folding into a various shapes and sizes.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are made by combining heat, paper, adhesives and pressure. Meanwhile, corrugated plastic boxes are made by extruding thin wall plastic sheets produced from high impact polypropylene resin. Some people prefer corrugated plastic containers, but more than 95 percent of products are shipped in corrugated boxes as they have many advantages, such as:

  • Strong and designed to protect goods...
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