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The Little Steps to Building A Successful Business Online

online businessBeing a successful entrepreneur takes a combination of the right tools and resources, attitude and approach, and strategy to get ahead of competition. When it comes to building a profitable business online, a relatively nascent subset of challenges and risks are involved. Online competition tends to be much fiercer since it is much easier and seemingly more attainable than a brick and mortar store. Furthermore, supply and demand may be more volatile due to how unpredictable your consumer base reacts to certain macro and micro economic catalysts.

Building Traffic

Making money online requires a steady stream of traffic. Running a business website is deceptively simple...

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How To Get Your Desired Domain Name (Even When It’s Taken!)

Strategic & Straightforward

There is no better time than now to get a domain name and start building that website you’ve always dreamed about. The first element in creating a successful website is having a domain name that pops out at visitors. If your URL is too long you run into the factor of people not being able to remember how to get to your content. Also, if your domain name is too short you’ll face the issue of users forgetting the name after they leave your website.

Generally, you want to take the main focal point of your website and generate your domain name based on that. For example, if your website was a blog pertaining to taking care of pet health, domain names like ‘PetMed’ or ‘HealthyPet’ are all viable options...

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3 Major Problems With Selling On Blogs

In ways that a retail store can only imagine, selling online opens up your store to a variety of different opportunities. You’ll get a chance to meet new customers, sell more product and, if you want, do it all from the comfort of your own home if possible. However, selling on blogs also has its issues that businesses should be concerned about as well. Some of these problems can be incredibly troublesome, especially for businesses that rely on each individual sale to stay in business. Here are some concerns you should keep an eye out for and try to avoid when selling on blogs.

Price Fluctuation

Selling at a store makes it easier to have certain costs and keep them at that level for all of your customers...

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