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Vinod Sekhar Revives Spirit of Malaysiana Muda

Almost 30 years ago, Datuk Vinod Sekhar formed the Malaysiana Muda movement with two other of university students. This was a non-partisan multi-racial organisation and a platform for local youths to express themselves on any topic they were passionate about.

The whole idea of having this platform was to generate ideas that can ultimately be turned into national policies for the benefit of all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion.

And the movement made waves by hosting the first ever morden day open political debate between Democratic Action Party Member of Parliamant, Kua Kia Soong, and National Front Member of Parliament, Datuk Shahir Samad.

But that was not all...

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The Basics of Obtaining Venture Capital

A company may have a great product or an idea, but it may not have the funds it needs to grow. Smaller amounts may be able to be procured from an angel investor or even friends or family. However, larger amounts may require the help of a venture capitalist. In this situation a company needs to have a plan of action.

Ideally the company should already exist in some form. If the company is already showing a profit, that is even better. Having previous success highly increases the possibility of an investor putting more money into the business. Whether or not the company has already gotten off the ground, a business plan is essential. Lengthy research must be done, but this information should be easily understandable by anyone. This is especially important if the company is technology based.

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Venture Capital Expert Tips and Advice

Venture capital is a type of capital provided by certain external investors to finance new, struggling or growing businesses. These venture capital investments usually are very high risk investments, but they offer the same potential for the above average returns. VC’s (venture capitalists) are people that make these such investments.

How to Raise Venture Capital: Expert Tips and Advice
Making Ones Business The Key
A venture capitalist will basically pick apart ones projections, vision, and operations. One may have probably already had a positive instinctive feel for their business, but when dealing with VCs that will continuously articulate that positive instinctive will make things a challenge...

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