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The Smart Entrepreneur’s Guide to Establishing Brand Presence in Malaysia


Whether it’s the low overhead costs or the easing restrictions and requirements for expatriate entrepreneurs, doing business in Malaysia is a no-brainer. But before you expand to this Southeast Asian country, it’s best to know these tips that may just save you valuable resources including time, money, and manpower.

Layout 1Figure Out a Strategic Location

Company formation in Malaysia must be done within key business districts where there is heavy foot traffic on a daily basis. It also makes your brand more trustworthy and professional-looking if you position it besides other well-known local brands. Keep in mind, though, that the further you move inland or towards the country’s business centre, rental rates for office space will jump significantly.

space-desk-workspace-coworkingConsider a Virtual Office

Basically, virtual of...

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The Little Steps to Building A Successful Business Online

online businessBeing a successful entrepreneur takes a combination of the right tools and resources, attitude and approach, and strategy to get ahead of competition. When it comes to building a profitable business online, a relatively nascent subset of challenges and risks are involved. Online competition tends to be much fiercer since it is much easier and seemingly more attainable than a brick and mortar store. Furthermore, supply and demand may be more volatile due to how unpredictable your consumer base reacts to certain macro and micro economic catalysts.

Building Traffic

Making money online requires a steady stream of traffic. Running a business website is deceptively simple...

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Vinod Sekhar Revives Spirit of Malaysiana Muda

Almost 30 years ago, Datuk Vinod Sekhar formed the Malaysiana Muda movement with two other of university students. This was a non-partisan multi-racial organisation and a platform for local youths to express themselves on any topic they were passionate about.

The whole idea of having this platform was to generate ideas that can ultimately be turned into national policies for the benefit of all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion.

And the movement made waves by hosting the first ever morden day open political debate between Democratic Action Party Member of Parliamant, Kua Kia Soong, and National Front Member of Parliament, Datuk Shahir Samad.

But that was not all...

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ESD Tote Boxes:Low-tech and Innovative Packaging Solutions for High-tech Products

Electronic devices and equipment with electronic components are ubiquitous parts of the modern lifestyle. Wheremicroelectronic components are present, it is important to have a plan in place to control static electricity as electrostatic discharge or ESD can lead to costly damage.

Understanding and Managing ESD Potential

Static electricity results from an imbalance in positive and negative charges on an object. Humans and the presence of other objects can generate static electricity. All electronic components are sensitive to electrostatic discharges although the degree of sensitivity will vary from one device to the next, and the reaction can be mitigated with proper handling. Static electricity occurs naturally, so it cannot be totally eliminated...

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How To Get Your Desired Domain Name (Even When It’s Taken!)

Strategic & Straightforward

There is no better time than now to get a domain name and start building that website you’ve always dreamed about. The first element in creating a successful website is having a domain name that pops out at visitors. If your URL is too long you run into the factor of people not being able to remember how to get to your content. Also, if your domain name is too short you’ll face the issue of users forgetting the name after they leave your website.

Generally, you want to take the main focal point of your website and generate your domain name based on that. For example, if your website was a blog pertaining to taking care of pet health, domain names like ‘PetMed’ or ‘HealthyPet’ are all viable options...

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Virtual Offices For Your Business: Why Choose Servcorp

Servcorp Malaysia virtual offices bring you in touch with an office environment that likely do not need for a majority of the year. You can run your business out of your home or a small space attached to your home. Your clients and customers do not need room in your home office, but you must be able to entertain them when they come to you. A virtual office gives you the office space you need without forcing you to commit to a long term lease on office space you cannot afford.

The Lease

You do not lease these office spaces for long periods of time. The virtual office provides you with a receptionist who can forward calls to you all during the year. Taking the answering of calls off your plate makes your life much easier when you are trying to be productive.

Also, your temporary lease all...

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4 More Practical Uses for Corflute Sheets

When using corflute, a person has plenty of options. Since this is an inexpensive and useful material, people often buy these sheets to complete a number of tasks. While true, it’s not always obvious what one can use corflute for. With this in mind, here are four uses of corflute sheets.

Vegetable garden

A homeowner who has a garden can create little boxes in the back yard where he or she can grow fruits and vegetables. This is an excellent alternative to wood as it won’t fall victim to termites or rodents. To use corflute in this manner, a gardener needs to choose a neutral color if he or she doesn’t want to take away from the beauty of the garden. Either way, when looking to nurture vegetables and fruits, one should use corflute.

Corflute Sheet For Farming

Corflute Sheet For Farming

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3 Major Problems With Selling On Blogs

In ways that a retail store can only imagine, selling online opens up your store to a variety of different opportunities. You’ll get a chance to meet new customers, sell more product and, if you want, do it all from the comfort of your own home if possible. However, selling on blogs also has its issues that businesses should be concerned about as well. Some of these problems can be incredibly troublesome, especially for businesses that rely on each individual sale to stay in business. Here are some concerns you should keep an eye out for and try to avoid when selling on blogs.

Price Fluctuation

Selling at a store makes it easier to have certain costs and keep them at that level for all of your customers...

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Kuala Lumpur Office Solutions: Where To Find Urgent Meeting Rooms in KL?

People are flocking to Malaysia to do business, which has prompted the interest in emergency meeting rooms in Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysian economy is competitive with some of the other ones in the world. The country also has an abundance of natural resources and a strong telecommunications structure to make the area more attractive. Here is what you need to know about finding an office in Kuala Lumpur.

Locations to Find an Office in Kuala Lumpur

1. 1 Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

The meeting rooms in 1 Sentral are in a prime location at the city center. It’s located just outside of the central business district and is close to the transportation hub. This building consists of 30 storeys, and it covers an acre...

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How to Cut Corrugated Plastic Board

Corrugated plastics, plastic boards or plastic cardboards are three different names that are all referring to the same type of material. There are different types of corrugated plastic; corrugated plastic is additionally known by other names such as, for example, IntePro, Twinplast, Corriflute, Correx, Corflute or Polyflute. Of note, this type of material is often used in building signs, in screen printing, in constructing various kinds of containers, in packaging for electronic parts and automotive parts. It is sometimes used in agriculture, in building model airplanes, in roofing, in construction of animal cages or in construction of temporary shelters after earthquakes, floods or other natural disasters...

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