Breast Enlargement Tips/Advice



Breast enlargement also known as breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure aimed at changing the shape, increasing the size and altering the texture of the breasts. One of the biggest concerns among today’s women is how to enlarge their breast size. Women are more concerned about how they look and they not only want to look good before the eyes of men but also in the eyes of people in general. Among some of the reasons that women may want to indulge in the breast enlargement procedure include a need to repair the chest wound as a result of the removal of the cancerous breast, correct congenital defects of the breasts to name but a few of the many reasons.

Breast Augmentation may take two ways either a natural way of enlarging breasts or the surgical approach method by visiting an aesthetic clinic to perform the procedure. The natural way of breast augmentation involves:
• Breast Massage – this method of enlarging the breast size stimulates blood flow and circulation in the chest area. This method will not only increase the size of your breast size but also shape and tone the breasts, helps detect lumps especially when done regularly to name but a few.
• Breast exercise – this is a safe, cheap and easy method of enlarging breast. There are a number of exercises that women can enable them to have firmer and well-toned breast size. Among some of the exercise that women can do to enlarge their breast sizes include wall press, arm circles, chest press, modified push ups to name but a few.
• Eating best breast foods – what you eat directly affects your health as well as your breasts. It’s advisable to eat well-balanced foods so as to aid in increasing your breast size. Some of the recommended fruits, vegetables and whole grains to name but a few. This foods help regulate your testosterone levels as well as increase your breast size and prevent diseases.
On the hand, the surgical approach of breast augmentation yields faster boobs job results unlike the natural way of breast augmentation which may take longer to show results. The two most popular breast surgical methods aimed at increasing the size of your breast include:
• Fat Grafting – this method involves removing unwanted body fats using liposuction from flabby body parts such as the stomach region and having them transferred to the breast where it is injected.
• Breast implants – there are three types of breast implants and they are:
1. Saline-filled breast implants which contain sterile water.
2. Silicone-filled breast implants which contain a soft, elastic gel and they come in many sizes.
3. Cohesive gel silicone implants which are filled by cross-linked molecules of silicone making them thin and firmer.

It’s advisable to visit an aesthetic clinic when you consider having the surgical approach of breast augmentation so as to get informed on a number of issues such as the best type of surgery for you among other various issues.