Boarding Schools for Teenagers: Is It Beneficial?

As a parent, you probably spend at least some time worrying about the quality of your child’s education. This is especially true during the teenage years when children are easily swayed and need many educational opportunities to keep them busy and to help them find areas of interest to pursue in college and in their adult lives. If you have been considering sending your teen to boarding school, there are some different scenarios that can help you decide when to go for a boarding school.


Living in a Failing School District

There are school districts all across the country that are failing. This means students may not have access to a quality educational system. Some school districts contain hard-to-staff schools, which means some of the teachers may not even be highly qualified to teach the subjects they are teaching. If your teen is in a failing school district that is not able to meet state accreditation standards or federal annual yearly progress measures, you might want to consider boarding school to ensure your teen gets a quality education.


Lack of Extracurricular Activities

You want your teen to find clubs and activities at school that will keep him interested and involved, which means your teen will have less time to get into trouble and will have lots of activities to add to his college application. You can speak with the school’s guidance counselor or principal to see what extracurricular activities are available. The school should offer extracurricular activities such as drama, newspaper club, sports teams, drawing clubs, book clubs, band, and more. If your teen’s school doesn’t offer programs of interest, consider a boarding school where you teen can excel in his chosen fields and enjoy school life each day.


Exceptional Talent or Skill

If your teen has an exceptional talent or skill, his needs may not be met in a traditional school setting. However, you may be able to locate a boarding school that focuses on your teen’s strength. For example, there are boarding schools ( that focus on the arts, music, science and technology, or athletics. A boarding school may allow your teen to reach his full potential.


Boarding School Infographic


The Social Aspect

The social aspect of high school cannot be ignored as it is such an important part of school for teens. However, not all teens fit in at school. This can make life very difficult. If your teen is having trouble fitting in or hates going to school every day because of the social nature of school, it may be time to look for a boarding school where your teen can have a fresh start and find friends that he has things in common with so school can be an enjoyable experience.


When Trouble Brews

If your teen is in constant trouble either at school or with the law, it may be time to make a change and choose a boarding school. This can separate your teen from the problems and give him a fresh start in life before the problems become worse. Boarding school can be beneficial in a variety of situations.