Best Whitening Products for the Face

If you wish to give your skin a smooth, even and bright tone, then you might want to look into all of the best whitening products for the face out there. Many exciting skincare products are geared toward brightening the complexion. If you have hyperpigmentation or any type of skin discoloration, for example, whitening products can also often help diminish them.

Check out Bevy C Malaysia whitening products. Bevy C is an Asian cosmetics brand that’s often seen in cosmetics stores in Malaysia. The brand’s White Up Essence is an extract that can go a long way in minimizing the appearance of pesky dark spots on the face. Not only can this essence be helpful for decreasing dark spots, but it also offers general whitening benefits. Last but not least, White Up Essence is also deeply hydrating to the skin.





White Plus Renew Night Cream from leading Korean brand Laneige is a creamy moisturizer that’s excellent for whitening the complexion. The skin soaks up this smooth night cream, reaping all of its hydrating and soothing benefits. People who are interested in night creams that can offer melanin defense are sure to appreciate this product. If you want a luminous complexion that looks both relaxed and nurtured, then you might want to check out this exciting moisturizer. It’s suitable for all kinds of skin.


Snowise EX Brightening Spot Serum is a popular whitening product that’s from another prominent Korean cosmetics brand, Sulwhasoo. If you apply this spot serum onto areas of your skin that have extra pigmentation, then it’ll work hard to do away with the any discoloration that exists there. The spot serum contains white ginseng saponin, which is effective for stopping the production of melanin. UV rays are responsible for that production. If your skin has redness, yellowness, freckles or dark spots, then you might want to consider using this whitening product.

Snowise EX Brightening Spot Serum

Sana Nameraka Isoflavone Cream With Whitening is made by the well-known Japanese cosmetics company, Sana. The goal of this cream is to give the skin deep moisture. At the same time, it also contains arbutin, which is effective for giving the complexion a brighter and whiter general look. If you’re looking to achieve a complexion that looks even, bright, smooth, fresh and revitalized, then this Japanese cream might be perfect for your needs. The moisturizing component of this cream is its soy milk isoflavone. This product is completely free of any mineral oil or artificial colors.

Sana Nameraka Isoflavone Cream