Advantages of Virtual Offices

Many office workers have telecommuted to work at one time or another. Some workers telecommute on a regular basis, while others telecommute while on vacation, sick leave, or otherwise unable to make an appearance in the office. As this trend becomes more common, employers are dropping their concerns that telecommuting employees will be sitting at home in their pajamas, watching television, and occasionally sending out a work related e-mail, and many employers have set up virtual offices.

While one of the original concerns with telecommuting was that it would lead to workers who were not fully engaged with the job, a virtual office can actually lead to higher productivity rates. Many employees suffer from distractions at the job, including feeling obligated to socialize with their co-workers. A home office is free of these distractions and employees can focus on the task at hand. Many employees are also happy to put more hours into their work if they can cut the time they spend commuting. With employees commuting up to ten hours a week, there is a lot of added time employees could spend on their work.

If employers still find they are not satisfied with their employees’ work ethic, employers can expand their hiring pool by setting up a virtual office. Employers can hire employees from different cities or states to telecommute. A business in Virginia can hire an employee in California. Opening the hiring pool leads to more opportunities to get the best, most productive employees.

Such as APBCOffices, another benefit of the virtual office is cost effectiveness. Employees who do not have to commute to work save money on gas and wear-and-tear on their cars. Employers who do not have to set up a physical office save on monthly rent and utility expenses. There are many websites that offer virtual office services that allow employees to log into a central server from their home computers. These services vary in price, but for many employers the cost will be much less costly than the rent and other expenses of a physical office.

Virtual offices have many benefits for employees and employers, but they also have the added benefit of cutting down on vehicle related pollutants making virtual offices a good choice for the environment as well.

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