8 Facts About IELTS Listening Section

The answer is often said louder and clearer than the rest of the recording.

The answer is often repeated or spelled out.

Expect the unexpected … the speaker might start saying something and then bringing up something totally different. Listen carefully to the last word he/she says. The last word counts!

Underlying the key words in the questions helps you to stay focused while listening to the recording.

Drawing a line below the last question that is mentioned in the instruction, for example: “Look at questions 6-10”, will prevent you from getting lost or distracted by looking further before it’s necessary.

After listening to the recording, you will have 10 minutes for copying your answers from your worksheets to the answer sheet.

It’s a good idea to practice spelling and saying numbers. Both these skills are very likely to be tested in that section of IELTS.

You shouldn’t panic. Embrace the challenge!


IELTS infographic



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