5 Accessories Every Cyclist Needs for Safety and Comfort

If you are new to the world of cycling, it can feel a bit daunting to see just how many things people are recommending you buy. Not only does all this add up to lots of money, but it can also make your head spin trying to sort out just what gear is essential. Fortunately, beyond the bicycle itself, there aren’t lots of things that are must-haves. However, these five items come pretty close. Take a look at these five things that will make your cycling adventures a lot pleasanter.


1. Helmet

It is absolutely essential that you wear a helmet at all times when you are cycling. Even if you are just hopping on your bike to pedal to the shop for a packet of crisps, put that helmet on. Make sure that the helmet you get fits your head securely, and make sure that you strap it on correctly every time you wear it.


2. Comfortable Cycling Clothing

Other than your helmet, the next most essential accessory you will need is the right cycling clothing. At a minimum, you are going to want cycling shorts and jerseys. The reason for this is simple. If you try to wear normal clothing when you ride a bicycle for any kind of significant distance, you will experience a whole new level of discomfort when you start chafing. You can find cycling jerseys and shorts for great prices when you shop around.


Patch Kit and Pump for bicycle

Always bring patch kit and pump with you while riding for emergency usage.


3. Patch Kit and Pump

You are going to get flat tires occasionally. It is best just to accept this from the beginning of your cycling adventures. If you think you can avoid flats, you are flat wrong. When they inevitably occur, you want to be able to repair them. Once you learn how, it will only take five minutes to patch a flat on the side of the road. Make sure that you have a good patch kit and a pump with you every time you hop on your bicycle.



Headlight and tail light are crucial safety while riding a bicycle to prevent from accidents.


4. Lights

A headlight and taillight are crucial safety features for your bicycle. Even if you do not plan on being on the road at night, you never know when a long ride or late day at work will have you riding at dusk or later. Even riding on cloudy days is safer when you have lights on your bike.


water bottle for cycling

Look for a water bottle such as picture above while cycling to keep you hydrate.


5. Water Bottle

It is always a good idea to carry a water bottle with you whenever you are cycling. It is easy to fit a water bottle holder on your bicycle, and you can always place a disposable water bottle from a shop in it if you happen to forget yours.


Safe Cycling – Equipment


Cycling is a great way to get into shape, and it is also good for the environment. More people all the time are taking advantage of the benefits of cycling. If you are part of the growing cycling fan base, make sure that you acquire these five items as soon as possible to make your cycling experience more comfortable and safer.