4 Golden Rules of Marketing

Develop Great Marketing Skills
Great marketers are born with an innate ability to attract attention like a magnet. For some marketers, it may be the tone of voice they use in direct and indirect communication with sales prospects. For other marketers, their demeanor is the link that creates interest. These are basic issues upon which to capitalize as a novice in marketing. Develop good marketing skills by studying the techniques used by the most successful marketing and sales professionals.

The Difference Between Marketing and Sales
Marketing professionals know there is a big difference between marketing and sales. Marketing is based upon studying various potential markets. These studies also include pricing of raw materials that create product or service availability. Certain marketing professionals develop sales pipelines that continue to increase the number of sales prospects and sales regions. Sales, on the other hand, demands an emphasis on technique that successfully presents products and services and result in closing a sale to mutual satisfaction between buyer and seller. It helps to know the differences between marketing and sales when choosing sales jobs or marketing jobs for a career. Another difference between marketing jobs and sales jobs is that marketing jobs don’t offer the same volume of mobility that most sales jobs offer.

How to be a Good Marketer
Learn to be a good marketer by emphasizing personal skills and knowledge of markets, domestically and globally. A good marketer knows the basis of the success of products and services in certain territories. Marketers also hone their marketing skills to acquire a refined ability to know the needs of buyer prospects in diverse sales regions. This is where prior marketing studies can be most helpful. Good marketers instinctively know the psychological needs of buyers in each target market. They also maintain a consistent approach to advertising and promotion. Create professional marketing links with top marketers to become a good marketer.

Best Marketing Strategies used by Apple, Microsoft, Google & Walmart

Refresh and Renew Marketing Techniques
Due to the numerous changes that occur on a regular basis in marketing, it’s necessary to continually refresh and renew marketing techniques, as well as advertising and promotion styles. Be alert to new marketing trends locally and globally. These trends often reveal the next phase of marketing changes to be implemented. Develop firm relationships with sales, advertising and promotion professionals who have ready access to current customer input. These are valuable relationships that help good marketers become great marketers.

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