3 Major Problems With Selling On Blogs

In ways that a retail store can only imagine, selling online opens up your store to a variety of different opportunities. You’ll get a chance to meet new customers, sell more product and, if you want, do it all from the comfort of your own home if possible. However, selling on blogs also has its issues that businesses should be concerned about as well. Some of these problems can be incredibly troublesome, especially for businesses that rely on each individual sale to stay in business. Here are some concerns you should keep an eye out for and try to avoid when selling on blogs.


Price Fluctuation

Selling at a store makes it easier to have certain costs and keep them at that level for all of your customers. However, selling on a blog makes it to where you may have to change your prices to keep your customers happy. In doing so, you may even cause a slippery slope that makes you have to alter your prices in the future as well. When people want discounts, you may consider doing it to keep them happy and buying your product. But if other customers see this, or the same customer expects the same price in the future, they may get mad when things don’t work out in their favor. Another issue with prices can be having to pay the fees from the online blog or marketplace. These fees can vary, and cut into your profits depending on what they cost.





Increased Competition

While the internet and blogs make it much easier to meet a variety of different people from around the world, it also makes your competition more of a threat and adds the potential that they could steal your customers. If you are every out of a product or provide bad customer service, then you can guarantee that people will seek out alternatives to your services. This means you have to raise your level of customer satisfaction in order to assure that people are always happy with what you offer.


Tracking Purchases

If you go from selling out of your own retail store to selling online, the entire process is going to change with how you do things and track your inventory. You may have to ship products via the mail and also learn to track everything between your retail and online store. However, having a shopping cart for your customers to store their items online can be much easier. Most of these carts can easily track your inventory and help customers store what they want to buy, which makes it more enjoyable for you and them.

If you are looking to move your business online, you can make a request on easystore.my for advice and tips on how to do so. Learning from those that have already sold online through blogs and other marketplaces can help you make for a better experience for yourself as well, while avoiding headaches in the process.